About Us

Welcome To The Revolution:In Online Stock Trading

PajamaTrade now owns the CoolTrade software. CoolTrade pioneered robotic stock trading technology 15 years ago - and has never stopped improving the technology. CoolTrade has provided thousands with industry-leading technology that delivers the most relevant, intuitive and powerful tools for online trading success, and we continue to lead. Hailed as the next evolution in online stock trading, CoolTrade was released to the public in 2004. As changes in technology have accelerated, so have the efficiencies of leveraging technology to optimize trading activities. We've changed the way people trade the market and started a conversation that's shaking up the trading world.

HOW IT BEGAN:The Beginning

The CoolTrade platform was developed by former Microsoft programmer, Ed Barsano. In 1995, Ed retired from Microsoft with millions in stock options, but saw his net worth plummet in the 2000 market crash. Thereafter, he dedicated himself to never again let a market fluctuation or institutional high-frequency trading erase his profits. He developed software that removes the burdens of manual trading and manual data monitoring by leveraging the speed of analysis and execution that only a computer can accomplish. Millions of lines of code later, only CoolTrade offers the most sophisticated artificial-intelligence based platform that has given self-directed non-professional investors the power to simplify trading, automate their investment goals, and most importantly, protect their profits. Partnered with leading brokers such as TD Ameritrade and E-Trade to offer its unique trading tools, the company today serves thousands of subscribers all over the world.

OnLine Trading Has Evolved:Game Changed

The 'buy and hold' paradigm no longer applies for investors who need to realize profits 'today'. The CoolTrade Robotic Trading Platform was designed not to predict the market, but to react to it. It feeds on the volatility of the market, buying low and selling high -- grabbing the profits as they are made and preserving them from market swings. It does this automatically, and robotically all day long, with no human intervention necessary. ​ CoolTrade delivers the tools, education, and support you need to confidently take the profits you've earned. ​ Game Changed - in your favor.

Our Vision:Give Back!

Our vision was to give back to the people control of their money and protection from market volatility. We also wanted to give back the power to decide how much profit to take, how much to save, and how much to re-invest. PajamaTrade users take profits out of the market almost daily - and protect them. ​ Some PajamaTrade users utilize their profits for expenses such as rent or tuition, others direct the software to save it for the future, and others go all in and re-invest it all. You decide how and when to take your profits.

Who Are Our Customers?:Those Who Need A Better Solution

Those who need a better solution. People who have lost their life savings or a portion of their wealth due to stock market crashes, institutional flash trading, and other Wall Street shenanigans. People new to stock market trading and want to learn by using our real-time simulated testing environment that doesn't require a brokerage account to start. People who themselves, their brokers, or investment advisors have been using outdated investment methods yielding only minimal returns. People who were given 5 year, 10 year, and even 30 year investment plans only to find out years later that they've made minimal gains while paying all kinds of fees.

OFTEN IMITATED:But Never Equaled

We spawned an industry of companies claiming to offer robotic stock trading technology, but CoolTrade was the first to offer true robotic trading and no other software even comes close.