Putting the Numbers in Perspective

15 Apr

I only have $5000 to trade. Can you use the Active Trades Strategies with that amount?

Answer: Yes

The CoolTrade robotic software has powerful money management/allocation features that monitor your account balances for you. Of course, the amount of profits taken daily won’t be as much as they would for a $50,000 account because you won’t be able to enter into as many trades, but let’s put the numbers in perspective: 

There are 252 trading days in a year. Let’s suppose your $5000 account takes out of the market,on average, $10 per day. The yearly return would be $2520, which is a 50 percent return. Let’s be more conservative and say you only took $5 per day on average. That would be $1260 or a 25% return.

That pretty much beats the returns of what top funds and bank savings can even achieve in a year. It doesn’t take that much profit each day, using the CoolTrade platform, to beat the returns found most anywhere.

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