Robotic Benefits

Trades Without Emotions

PajamaTrade users have moved away from emotionally looking at the stock market like it's gambling and have come to realize that the stock market is simply numbers going up and down. Unless a company goes out of business, you can keep taking money indefinitely with proper money management. It doesn't matter whether the market is up or down - if the stock price goes up, the software takes profits, and if it goes down, the software uses money management to add more shares. PajamaTrade is the only software in existence that trades the market for you in this way (not an exaggeration)!

Protects Your Profit When the Market Crashes

Profit protection is designed to allow the stock to go higher while protecting against a “pull-back.” In other words, once the software sees profits, it locks onto it and allows it to go higher, but if it starts to go the wrong way, it locks in the profits. While this is a general description of this powerful feature, note that the software has built in more advanced, proprietary features designed to protect and maximize your profits.

Unparalleled Technology

PajamaTrade  is often imitated, but never equaled. Others can give you complex screens and throw a bunch of charts and graphs at you and expect you to OUTGUESS or PREDICT the stock market. PajamaTrade flows WITH the stock market - you make money if it goes up, but you actually look forward to the market going down. It doesn’t care which way the market is moving - it knows how to benefit from both directions! There’s no other system that does that!

Stealth Mode

Get a leg up on institutional and high frequency traders.

Have you've ever been "stopped out" or your specified trade price just could not be reached?

PajamaTrade gives you the power to trade in StealthMode. When the market can see your trade orders, it's like showing them your playing cards. With the PajamaTrade Robotic Trader you sweep in under the radar, trading invisibly when you want and at the price you want, without competing with other traders and institutional computers.

Trading Fees as Low as $1.00 Per Trade

Maximize your profits per trade with the lowest trading fees.
Most of the PajamaTrade brokers have reduced their trading fees to $0 per trade.